Cleaning Your Wax Melt Warmer Without the Mess


The importance of cleaning and removing wax from your warmer.

Traditional methods for wax removal.

Innovative techniques like the freezer and ribbon methods.

Maintenance and care tips for wax melt warmers.

Answers to frequently asked questions about wax warmers.


The allure of scented wax melts is undeniable. From soothing lavender to invigorating citrus, they transform our living spaces into aromatic havens. However, they leave behind a residue that can be a challenge to clean if you aren't prevy to the correct technique. But fret not! This guide is here to help you discover the best methods to cleaning your wax melt warmer without any fuss or mess.

Before diving into the process of cleaning your wax melt warmer, it helps to understand how wax warmers work.

Wax melt warmers, also known as melters, heat the solid wax using either an electric source (like plug-in warmers) or a tea light, releasing its fragrance.

The wax transitions from a solid to a liquid state as it melts. When you turn off the device or blow out the tea light, the wax cools and solidifies again.

Wax melt warmer and wax melts

The importance of cleaning your wax melt warmer.

When your wax melt's fragrance starts fading, it's a clear hint to freshen up your wax warmer and switch out the wax.

Before you pop in a new wax melt, always give your warmer a good clean by removing the old wax first. This ensures that leftover scents don't mingle with your fresh wax, letting you fully relish the aroma of your new melt. Regular clean-ups also keep your warmer looking spick and span.

Most wax melts have a good run for a few days with constant use. If you've invested in one of our highly scented wax melts, 1 cube will go strong for 10-12 hours, thats more than 70 hours in total! But once their scent starts dwindling, even after they've been on for what feels like forever, it's a sign to spruce up that wax melter dish and switch out your wax melt.

Traditional Methods for removing wax from your melt warmer. 

Hot/Liquid Method

One of the most straightforward methods to remove liquid wax is by using cotton balls. When the wax is in its liquid state, simply absorb it using two or three cotton balls. Once absorbed, dispose of the cotton balls and wipe the warmer dish with a paper towel to remove any residue.

Cold/Hard Method

If you find the wax in its solid state, don't worry. Turn on the warmer for a few minutes to slightly loosen the wax. Once it's a bit soft, you can easily remove it in one piece. If there are any stubborn bits left, gently wipe them away with a paper towel.

The Freezer Method

This might sound unconventional, but the freezer is a fantastic tool for wax removal. Remove the the wax melter dish (ensure it's freezer-safe) and place it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can place the entire wax warmer in the freezer. The cold will cause the wax to contract, making it easy to pop out. Once removed, wipe the dish clean, and it's ready for a new wax melt.

The Ribbon or String Method

Looking for a quick and easy solution? Use a ribbon or a piece of string as your best bet. When the wax turns liquid, submerge a ribbon or string into it. Once the wax solidifies, you can easily lift it out using the ribbon or string. Wipe away any remnnants with a paper towel.

The Liner Method

If you're looking to maintain and clean your wax melt warmer even before its first use, the liner method is a proactive approach worth considering. By placing wax melt liners in the dish, you can prevent the scented wax from directly contacting the dish.

Use your wax melter as you normally would. Once the fragrance dissipates and it's time to discard the wax, simply remove it along with the liner. For the next use, just introduce a new liner and a fresh tart, and you're all set.

Additionally, there are reusable options known as "poppers". Crafted from silicone, these dishes are designed to easily release the wax, making the transition between wax melts seamless and efficient.

Maintenance and Care for Wax Melters

To ensure your wax melter serves you for a long time, regular maintenance is crucial.

For electrical devices always ensure the device is turned off and cooled down before cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools as they can damage the melter.

Regularly check the device for any signs of wear and tear, especially the electrical components.

Ceramic wax melt buners can simply be wiped down with a damn cloth once it has cooled down. 

You can read this blog post on the key differences between electric wax warmers and ceramic warmers if you are yet to decide on which is a good fit for you.



How often should I clean my wax melter?

Ideally, after every use or when you decide to change the wax melt fragrance.

Can I reuse the wax after removing it?

If the wax still retains its fragrance, it can be reused. However, if the scent has faded, it's best to dispose of it. You can read our entire article on this here.

What should I do if the wax spills outside the melter?

Turn off the device, and allow it to cool down, let the wax solidify, and then gently scrape it off. For any stains, use a damp cloth to clean.


To conclude, with the right techniques, you can keep your warmer in great condition, ready to diffuse your favorite scents seamlessly.

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