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What are wax melts?

Wax melts are marvellous little creations that bring an abundance of fragrance and charm to any space!

Think of them as tiny blocks of scented enchantment that effortlessly elevate the atmosphere in your home.

These aromatic wonders work their magic when placed in a wax warmer or burner. As the wax melts away, it releases a symphony of delightful scents that dance through the air, transforming your space into a captivating haven of aroma.

It's like hosting a lively celebration for your senses, where every nook and cranny gets to revel in delightful fragrances.

So, prepare to unleash the scented joy and let our wax melts work their spellbinding charm in your surroundings!

How long do wax melts typically last?

The duration of wax melts can vary depending on factors such as the size of the melt and the intensity of the fragrance.

On average, a single wax melt cube can provide fragrance for approximately 8-10 hours.

That's 60 hours in total per wax melt!

Are the fragrances in Scentsational Home wax melts strong?

Yes, our wax melts are designed to have a strong and long-lasting scent.

We carefully select high-quality fragrance oils that are specifically formulated to ensure a powerful and captivating aroma.

We take pride in creating wax melts that deliver an exceptional fragrance experience for your enjoyment.

Are wax melts safe to use around pets?

Our wax melts are safe to use around our furry friends, however it is always wise to ensure proper ventilation in the room where the melts are being used.

Some pets may be more sensitive to strong scents, so it's advisable to observe their behaviour when introducing new fragrances.

How do I clean the wax from my wax warmer?

Cleaning your wax warmer is a breeze!

Wait for wax to cool down and hardened.

You can then remove the hardened wax by gently tapping the sides of the warmer or using a soft cloth.

For any residue, you can wipe the warmer with a mild soap and warm water solution.

Always ensure the warmer is completely dry before using it again.

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